"Be Ready Always" - by Naija Writers Coach

This is from my friend Abdullahi from Naija Writers' Coach and I know you'd be energised and informed by it.
Today, I just want to tell you to always seize the day as the day after today may not be equally bright.
If there's anything that accurately defines the age we live in, it's abundant opportunities. They are numerous, almost overwhelming even.
But one point that makes my bone wanna cringe is that few people open their eyes to these opportunities. What more, yet fewer people utilize them. This is unfortunate.
I post ONLY essay writing contests at Naija Writers' Coach. If you think only these opportunities exist, you're very wrong.
There are tons of scholarships, fellowships, sponsored conferences, life-changing internships and business grants awarded every single week. Whatever your field, age, nationality or level of education, there's just one (actually, many) that's perfect for you.
Don't ask me where to get them. You know what purpose Google serves. Use it or miss out.
So always be on the lookout for opportunities and get yourself ready to use them right. Like the Boy Scout's slogan, "Be prepared." Always…
The greatest challenge of our age is that opportunities abound and there are no barriers. Whatever prospect you wanna pursue, go after it.
So live life to the fullest. And be the best you can.
Talk to you at some other time,
Abdullahi. www.naijawriterscoach.com