Ezparanza think Sex Sells but Hard Work is Better

Esparanza Spalding is a Grammy award winning Jazz musician. She was was born in Portland Oregon on October 18 1984 to an African American father and a Hispanic mother. She graduated with a B.M. from Berkeley College of music in 2005 and went on to become one of the youngest professors in the institution's history at age 20.

She is an extremely talented jazz bassist and singer who was influenced and inspired by her mother. Her mother raised her and her brother as a single mom under difficult economic and social circumstances. She recalls that as a child, her mother used to read books like the Little Prince and the biography of abolitionist Frederick Douglas to them. She said that even though her mother was not rich, she never felt poor because she was raised with a lot of love, education, nature, music and arts. She credits her mother for her hard work ethics.

She says she rarely watches TV, tweet or text because she doesn't have the time to do so. In 2011 she won the Grammy for best new artiste and in 2013, she won two more Grammy awards for best jazz vocal album for 'Radio Music Society' and she shared the best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocalist award for the song, city of Roses with Thara Memory. Esparanza Spalding says that artists should not get caught up in their image as artists but rather they should try to read, think more than they read and put in the time to do their work so they can have a tenable output.

As a beautiful woman, Esparaza recognizes that sex sells, but she is totally opposed to the idea of women relying on sex rather than hard work to advance their careers. Esparanza wants to be judged for her musicianship rather than her sex appeal and believes that female musicians must take responsibility to appear professional and avoid over sexualizing themselves.