Talent is not enough - Jon Pol teaches

We're not all the same. We all have our strong parts and weaknesses even in business. There are 3 types of business persons.

1. The Innovator/Talented- who creates like a god but is never quite concerned about the financial viability of his talents or inventions.

2. The Entrepreneur- commands like a king to ensure the new invention has financial viability but soon gets bored and is off to the next one.

3. The Professional Manager- works like a slave to ensure that an established business venture which has been proven to be financially viable also has sustainability and longevity.

You'll never find someone with all the qualities as described above. Into which category do you belong to?

We are all born with a talent or two. We're naturally gifted to do a certain thing with relative ease.

Some can compose good music, others are great at running, a man can talk another man off his last pair of socks! Recently met a Nigerian girl who can speak 8 languages!

But talent alone is not enough. You must be resilient in developing your talents. It takes practise, hard work and sometimes even failure to take the leap from merely "being good" to excellence.

Sadly most people figure out that they possess a talent and quickly let it get into their heads till its swells up like a hot-air balloon and soon their feet no longer touches the ground.

They excel on a local level, get awarded, rewarded or applauded early on and then they rest on their laurels, assuming its always going to be an easy walk.

But great talents like Beyonce, Husain Bolt, Michael Jackson, David Beckham & Andy Murray even though they recognised their talents at an early age- still, they devoted countless hours, got a professional manager/a talent coach & showed selfless commitment in developing their talents. That way they made a leap from being a local champion to becoming a global player.

Talent alone is not enough. You must put in your due share of hard work and practice.