Obumneme is a household name duly equipped with the sass and crass of uniqueness - distilled with a great sense and pursuit of purpose. He is an avid writer and has the trifecta of an outstanding public relations on his shelf. He is a guru in marketing and has maintained that royal accolade from bight of the Niger to the Kalahari shrubs of the Southern Africa region. 

Obumneme is a seasoned content creator, thought leader and brand proselytizer par excellence with bold belief that full 'self' expression is possible for all aspiring persons.
He brings to life the practice of customer focused thinking, creative problem solving, and integrated brand strategy to advance brand engagement in value creation efforts. His work drives proselytizing or marketing efforts to a whole new level that focuses on 'winning the soul of the customer' - this enriches customer loyalty. All these are harmoniously integrated to reflect in the experience the customer is offered at all levels of interaction.

 Obumneme had served both in the not-for-profit and for-profit sector. These both ends of work experiences had helped him in his unique approach to strategic value creation and he is an asset to any meaningful effort.