The Drama between ASUU and Nigeria FG: who is to be blamed?

I've refused to report ASUU proceedings but found this comic but worth deliberating:
FG > "The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria sat with ASUU for 13 hours to resolve the crises, is this long hours Mr. President sacrifice not enough for ASUU to call of the strike?.

ASUU > "Yes, we had a meeting with Mr. President for 13 hours and we arrived at an agreement. Our only demand now is for FG to sign the agreement reach with Mr. President from the 13-hour meeting. The very minute the agreement is signed we shall call of the strike.

FG > "ASUU is asking too much, no need to sign any agreement, take Mr. President by his word and go back to class.

ASUU > "Thank you Mr. FG, but we taught that, 'Experience is the Best Teacher'.

FG > "We hereby direct the Vice-Chancellors of all the Nigerian Universities to sack all the lecturers.

FELLOW NIGERIA, Who should we hold responsible for the ASUU/FG Crises? Source: Justice Forum
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