LOGiN Bloggers storm Lagos for Social Media Company Tour

The LOGiN Bloggers Network (LBN) Team storm Lagos for a one week social media company tour 2014. This Abuja based Bloggers Network team has been touring and training Intending bloggers, Institutions as well as already-bloggers in a master class since 2013. If you are a blogger and  have not logged into the network, simply visit www.loginbloggersnetwork.blogspot.com and log-in your blog into the network to get updates on Abuja events, trainings, monthly meetings, seminars, parties, 2015 bloggers political voice, Bloggers Decide for Nigeria Show, Tours and much more.  All you have to do is send in Your Blog Address, Name and Email through the "Message" portion of the "Contact Us" Form at the top right hand corner of the page and also "Register by Email" .
To LOG iN your Company/Business for the forth coming Lagos Tour this week, call 07089893159, 08083955431. It is a priceless opportunity to get value and visibility.