PUSHers Call

- Temi Odejide
A small sign precedes the breakthrough.
As a medical doctor, I have been taught to look out for signs.
There are signs that tell us when delivery is eminent.
As a pastor I am adept at observing signs too.
I can see the signs that your delivery is eminent.
We are at the precipice of possibility, the crest of probability, the high time of providence.
It was a long time coming but it is finally here. Nine months and counting…
The daydream gave way to night visions. The visions gave way to wishful thinking. The wishful thinking gave way to heartfelt prayer. The heartfelt prayers sent forth divine emissaries for the vision to come. The entreaties caused conception. Conception produced growth. The growth distorted your movement, altered your eating pattern, interrupted your sleep and has brought you to this moment… to this birthing place.
You just saw the sign. It was 'show'. Mothers know what I am talking about.
The sign, the show is not nice. It's slimy and 'nasty' but it's the sign that something is about to happen. HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR SHOW? The show does not look like what is coming but it is the sign of what is coming.
Now your water has broken.
Labor has commenced. The birth pangs have intensified. The frequency of contraction has increased. You wanted to push, but the midwife said no, wait! With bated breath you waited. Tension building within but no permission to emerge. Now the cervix is fully dilated, the birth canal is opened…
As a spiritual Mid-Wife I have come today with a divine mandate to till you it is time to PUSH.
PUSH! It is time to push out all that God has pushed in to you!
Push out that baby. Push! Push out that dream. Push! Push out that vision. Push!
Push out that prophecy. Push! Push out that song. Push! Push out that book. Push!
Push out that album. Push!
The windows of heaven are open! The stage is set!
P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens!
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