Amaka Igwe lives on

Amaka Igwe lives. The tears we shed for her are futile. She lives. The shock we express over her passing on is carthatic. She lives.

Amaka Igwe did not die. She just built her loving 'house of commotion' in our hearts. Commotion with co-relation; commotion with emotions.

The brilliant lady who could unarguably be credited as the progenitor of Nollywood as we know it today still lives. Immortalised in our hearts.

If there was no 'Checkmate', that superb soap opera which had a chart-topping five year run on national television, there would have been no Nollywood. For the tested and trusted actors from 'Checkmate' were mostly cast in the trend-setting 'Living in Bondage'. Amaka had groomed a new generation of Nigerian actors through 'Checkmate', she had prepared our minds for something explosive with her creation. There is yet to emerge a soap opera since then which has all the thrills and frills and popular appeal like 'Checkmate'. Forget all these tin imitations. Amaka's soap was solid steel. Unbreakable. Unbeatable. And you say she is dead? But Amaka lives!

She created characters which blew our minds.

Anne Harthrope, Segun Kadiri, Chief Fuji, Peaceful Peace, Alika, Akpan, Barry Hughes, Nduka, Bennie etc. She held the nation spell-bound for five years every Thursday 8pm on the network service and gave people gossip points for the next week before the next episode. 'Checkmate' was her creation.'Checkmate' was her success.

She brilliantly wrote all the epsodes, over 500 of them and produced carefully. She was far ahead of her time. The most intriguing thing about her concerning 'Checkmate' was that she knew when to pull the plugs. She broke our hearts by resolving the plots and finishing the soap opera on one Thursday evening in 1995.

Source: Pointblank news