Missing Planes or worse -NO MORE JUNKS, Ebuka Anichebe Admonishes

It is well known that bad news travels faster than good news. With all the support of social media and broadcasts- bad news travels faster than a bullet.

So with all the bomb blasts, natural disasters, impeachments, plane crash, missing planes and of course Ebola virus, its easy to be overwhelmed with fear caused by constant bombardment on the latest bad news.

Humans are fixated with bad news. Its easier to get humans to park and witness a ghastly motor accident than it is to get them to slow down to enjoy a setting sun. We're quicker to read a link on "Pastor rapes a 12 year old" than we are to read "12 year old wins church scholarship"

Are you angry? Unhappy? Afraid of the future? Do you experience mood swings?

You can't focus on bad news and expect your faith to grow. Neither do you become a more confident or happier person by being a broadcasting or receiving station for all Bad News Networks (BNN). It is feeding one baby yet expecting the other to just grow. What you pay attention to, grows.

Start a mental diet and clean up your mind. Avoid actively consuming bad news and digest only inspirational and motivational messages. It would be good food for your mind and allow faith and confidence replace the emotions of fear and doubt.

No more junk!

— Ebuka J. Anichebe
Make Your Life a Blockbuster™
Business Coach | Teacher | Author