It started like a dream, a dream that turned into a burning desire,
desire that erupted this wonderful passion, a passion to make the best of designs, to explore the unlimitless possibilities of her
creativity, a passion for fashion... 

This is the story of how the unique brand Touch Couture was born....
Unbelievable, that's the word she used. The one word that summed up all her emotions, tears falling from her eyes, a standing ovation,
cameras, lights and models surrounded her. It was the moment she has been waiting for all her life, the one moment she's always dreamt of, that moment when an ordinary girl becomes an extraordinary lady, a fashion designer.

As she stood there, it all came back to her, the first design, the
first customer, the first sale, indeed she has come a long way. "Titi,
Titi, we can leave the stage now" Oreva whispered bringing her back to reality.
"Oh yeah" Titi said, realizing where she was.
"Yessss, this is it. You've done girl, you've done it" Oreva screamed
as they got back stage. A tall dark girl with slender features, pretty
and adventurous. A friend of Titi's and one of her models. With long legs that are undoubtedly straight, Oreva once referred to her legs as her selling point in the modeling world.
"Thanks dear, I couldn't have done it without you guys" Titi said,
obviously still overwhelmed by the reception her designs got,
considering that this is her first major runway show. 
"this is  unbelievable, I still can't believe I just had my first runway show"
"You better believe it dear, congrats sweetie" a light skinned lady
said as she walked toward her. "You've worked hard and you deserve the recognition". Chioma, a beautiful lady with average height and an infectious smile. People often mistake her for the actress Monalisa Chinda and she always refuses the compliment, insisting that she looks nothing like the actress. She's Titi's best friend.
"Chioma" Titi screamed as they hugged. "I can't believe you made it"
"I wouldn't miss it for anything" she said smiling
"Awww thanks" Titi said with tears welling in her eyes. Chioma wiped the tears with her handkerchief
"This is the start of greater things to come" Chioma prayed as she
always does in moments like this.
"Amen" chorused Titi and Oreva
"We will attend more shows and the label will grow in favorable
heights in Jesus name"
"Amen" they all said, still laughing. "Thanks guys, you're the best" Titi said
"Touch Couture has just debuted and I owe it all to you girls, thanks for the encouragement, support and never giving up on me" they hugged and stood there for a short while.
"Well let's finish up here and we'll go celebrate" Chioma said as she
broke the group hug. She was beginning to cry too. An hour later they were in Titi's apartment with some friends. They partied and danced the night away.

Mikky Anyangbeso is a writer, facilitator, content developer, online PR executive and a business networking enthusiast. With a degree in Philosophy, he has over a few years developed a sound capacity to manage people within and outside the corporate sector. He currently works as an independent online PR executive and content developer.