In a world where people use several media channels to stay informed, interact and communicate, it is imperative that consumers enjoy an omni-channel shopping experience, says leading online marketplace,
A statement released by the company defines omni-channel shopping as the simultaneous use of two channels for shopping purposes and describes the necessary coherence between the different channels to enable easy and practical customer interaction.
Omni-channel shopping ensures that consumers enjoy the same service irrespective of platform or channel. For instance, a consumer doesn't have to recreate an account while using desktops and tables or an in-store pick-up or check out. 
Customers want to identify and connect with your brand irrespective of channel. Omni-channel shopping not only drives sales but ensures that consumers enjoy an enriched physical and virtual shopping experience", Evangeline Wiles, Managing Director of Kaymu Stated.
Brick and mortar stores which have an additional online presence need to reinforce an immersive customer experience regardless of channel. Customers need to feel that they are getting the same service and shopping experience as they would get from buying from a physical store, while buying online.
Sellers do not only have to be where their customers are and think in an Omni-channeled matter but they also must invest in excellent customer service and in customer-centric servicing tools. Retailers who are able to incorporate their physical store with the rest of their digital capabilities can gain a true competitive advantage, Wiles added.

Omni-channel shopping provides a reliable and recognizable buying experience whereby the physical- and virtual experiences come together, building a cross-channel as well as a total approach not only for the shopping experience itself but furthermore for the communication before and certainly after a purchase.

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