How Disney Changed Our Point of View

ǝןƃuɐ ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ ɯoɹɟ pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ʇɐ ʞooן ɐ ǝʞɐʇ

Aladdin was just a common thief.

Ariel the little mermaid was a rebellious teenager.

Simba the lion king was a cowardly lion.

Jerry is an annoying rat.

Cinderella was a party girl who snuck away at night to party with rich people.

The ugly duckling was really a beautiful swan.

As kids, we don't see it that way. Disney changed the context of the actions of these characters and gave it new meaning.

Nothing has any meaning except that which you give it. See your life a different view, change the story you tell yourself about what life means, and pretty soon you'll start making progress in the direction of your thoughts.

So let your thoughts be grand and noble, not small and fearful.

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
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