An Impoverished Inheritance

Poverty sometimes can be hereditary, sexually transmitted or inherited, especially when the really poor ones have no role models within their immediate community to emulate. Now they have been verbally programmed by their society since birth to either beg, fight, suffer or toil for a living.

The global net worth of 85 richest people in the world is $1.7 Trillion. The combined wealth of 3.5 billion poorest in the world is $1.7 trillion.

Some might assume what I do for a living doesn't make much of a difference. I know it does. The reason I've toured the country speaking and teaching countless numbers of people this year is with a hope to change their mental programming and remind our youths that entrepreneurship is just about solving problems.

Riches and wealth comes as a reward for being a solution provider. The Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs, Dangotes, Otedolas and Bransons are all providing services. So ask yourself, what services can I offer? What problems can I solve?

Poverty is everyone's battle.

— Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker)
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