CUTS and FABRICS: Part 20

As she walked down the long red carpet arm in arm with her father, she looked at him and he smiled back at her.
She could sense the overwhelming pride he exuded, his eyes gave him away, they always do. She and her father had always been very close; they shared a special bond that has existed since the day she was born.
They walked slowly to the aisle, serenaded by the soft notes from the keyboard, not the usual "here comes the bride" solo. She had earlier picked out a song by N'SYNC - This I promise you.
In all that is within her, she promises to love Him forever. Familiar faces filled the seats, they all stood watching her as she walked gracefully, sending warm and cheerful smiles her way. She looked straight ahead and there he was, the love of her life looking so handsome in his tuxedo. He had promised her a life filled with laughter and happiness and she believed every word, now they were about to take their vows in the fulfilment of that promise.
Finally they got to the aisle and her father handed her over to him, he took a seat beside his wife who was wiping her eyes with her handkerchief. The bride breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her best friends in the bridal train. "Everything is going smooth" she thought, then she looked at the charming man infront of her and whispered in his ear "we made it mylove", he smiled and replied "we're just getting started"....
Despite his flight been delayed for about 2hours, he got to the reception in time. He missed the church service which was the main event he had looked forward to. Jide and Chioma had become friends, hence his presence at her wedding. He had come to respect her and vice versa, being here meant a great deal to her and especially Oreva. But Jide had another reason for coming, this was the only place he could get to talk to
Titi since she's been avoiding him and not taking his calls. He was ushered to a reserved table of five, charlse and Jerry at the same table shook hands with him. They we're talking about the ambience of the hall, how beautiful it was and also commending the planner when the Compere introduced the arrival of the couple. Everybody stood as the Disc jockey played a classic by D'banj - Fall in love. That got the crowd excited and singing along.
The grooms men and bridal train led the way as they danced in. Stepping on flower petals on the red carpet, the couple danced their hearts out to the delight of the guests as they made their way to their seats. In all Jide was focused not on the couple but on a particular lady in the bridal train, Oreva. He was caught offguard by her appearance, her aura, her charisma, the graceful manner with which she carried herself.
Maybe its the wedding jibes or maybe its because she's pregnant, whatever it is Jide didn't know and doesn't want to know. He finally came to terms with what he's been denying all these while, he's head over heels in love with this gorgeous lady.
And for once since he met her, he admitted the truth to himself and he realised that he had to do something about it, the thought made him smile....