CUTS and FABRICS:Part 21

The programme went smoothly, the compere did a good job, making rib cracking jokes and actively engaging the guest with the activities. The couple's dance was spectacular but what got everybody excited was the three minutes long kiss he made the couple do.

The climax of the event was the throwing of the bouquet by Chioma. The compere instructed the DJ to play a song that has become an anthem in such occasions as the throwing of the bouquet- Single ladies by Beyoncé. He called on all the single ladies to come out, and try their luck, for it is believed anyone that catches the bouquet will get married soon. Chioma stood and motioned for Oreva and Titi to join the other girls, they looked at her with pleading eyes which suggested that they'd rather just sit and watch but she insisted. "One of you must catch this" She said as she dragged them by the arm to the open floor where the other ladies were already waiting.

Chioma turned to face Chike who was smiling at her, she winked at him and he let out a hearty laugh. She teased the waiting ladies as she pretended to throw the bouquet, she did that again, and again. She turned to face the girls and laughed, they were already stretching their hand, ready to catch it at the first throw. 

 "Sorry ladies, alright I'll throw it now" she said. She scanned the girls, wanting to know the position Titi and Oreva were standing but unfortunately she didn't see them. They were standing at the far end of the other ladies.

She said a little prayer and with that she threw the flowers so high she thought no one was going to catch it. Oreva and Titi were standing behind the ladies, discussing something that had to do with one of the ushers serving, they had noticed he was not coordinated. 

Uninterested in the ritual going on in front of them, Oreva raised her right hand up to summon the usher so they could instruct him on what to do when she felt something hit her palm and by reflex she grasped it. Not knowing what it was, she quickly inspected it and realised to her amazement, she had caught the bouquet... Titi shouted with joy and hugged her, the other girls came around, hugging and congratulating her. Chioma screamed and blew Oreva a kiss. An obviously stunned Oreva couldn't believe what had just happened. She didn't think much of such things, she doesn't believe that catching a bunch of flowers will result in one getting hitched, that's not for her.

Jide had not taken his eyes off Oreva since she came in to the hall, although they've not spoken but they've exchanged glances. He watched as she caught the flowers and that was like a sign, an affirmation that they were meant to be and he had to do the right thing, and he had to do it now.

With that thought he got up and walked towards the compere. He told him something and the compere released the microphone to him. He had no doubt about what he was going to do, this is the best and the right time to do it.