Health Business should be motivated by Love: Meet Dr Malik Haruna Who Is Breaking Boundaries to bring Succour To Many

A few entrepreneurs inspire me and you can be sure of this medical doctor, Who I simply call Doctor Malik. In this interview I had with him, he bared his mind on what drives him and what he knows to do best especially as 2015 unfolds.

1. Please can we meet you?

My name is Dr. 'Malik Haruna King. I am a Nigerian Medical doctor, Sex therapist, Blogger, Podcaster, and Public speaker. I was trained in the Jos University Teaching Hospital and University of Jos. I live and practise my profession in Bauchi State (with the Bauchi State Hospital Management Board). I love God. And I am unmarried.

2. What is the unique thing you do and when did you start?

I am a practising medical doctor. I am an active blogger of one of the leading health blogs in Nigeria---Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. 'Malik), I run my Health show---The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. 'Malik) Show. I am an entrepreneur and public speaker. I do rock music and play musical instruments (especially the acoustic guitars). I really can't recall when exactly I started. I had always wanted to be influential, to help people, to contribute to civilization, and to uplift humanity. Right from medical school, I purposed in my heart not to be a "regular medical doctor"; I had since then looked for ways to help people in unique ways.

3. What is your primary drive as a person? 

Love drives me. Love motivates me. I am very sensitive to people's needs and feelings. I love helping people and putting smiles on their faces. It gives me great pleasure. This is my drive. This is why I do what I do. I, sometimes, experience major challenges which would include getting the human, financial, and technological resources to carry out the dreams and vision that I have. And, sometimes, since people don't like change, I get opposition from other humans and established institutions. It could be discouraging, at times; but, it isn't a flood strong enough to quench the fires of love for people in me.

4. What would you advise other young people set for working their purpose?

Focus on your goal is indispensable. [The vision must be clear. The passion must be there. And you must always be working every day, in every way (be it little or much), to get to achieve your dreams-to bring what is in your head to your hands.] Personal development and positive living. Learning who to work with and how to work with other people is very important. Time management-making out time for important things...and know what to ignore, delegate, outsource, and combine. Listen to your heart. Use your head. Work with your hand. Let love lead.

5. What is on your burner for 2015 and onwards?

This year will be more of planning for me. However, from the 3rd of January this year, I started my own weekly health show-The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. 'Malik) Show-which, within the year will develop to include video episodes and productions. I will be collaborating with others to help reach out to meet people's health needs, and I will be accepting more invitations to speak in health seminars, workshops, and conferences. I will use the year to clarify and brainstorm on my ideas.


6. What is your offering?

If you have any health or health-related question, need, fears, or concern... contact me. It is free!
Wow! Free...Thanks for that.
Dr. 'Malik Haruna King
BBM: 7F559CE8
Jenny Chisom