Lagos, Nigeria, 21st January, 2015 - It is no secret that Nigerians have a very avid travel culture and for every traveller, the choice of where to stay is topmost priority. Jovago.com Africa’s Number One Hotel Booking Platform recently conducted a survey on what Nigerian travellers look for when they book a hotel and we have some surprising facts and figures to share. 

Desired Amenities

Staying in air-conditioned rooms are becoming increasingly important for the Nigerian traveller as a majority of Nigerian travellers prefer the hotels providing AC. The luxury and freshness of the pool comes in the second place.  
Whether it is to download a movie or the latest music hit, keep in touch with friends and family or to update social media feed with pictures from their trip, Wi-Fi remains an essential ingredient for choosing a hotel but this comes after the freshness of a pool and an air-conditioned room, the survey reveals. 

Star Rating Preference
On the star rating preference for hotels, it was discovered that more than 37% of Nigerian travellers look for the comfort and affordability of 3 star hotels, 33% look for the luxury of 4 stars while 4% one star hotels are the least frequently booked.#

Finding The Best Hotels
Access to the internet and services like Jovago.com have empowered travellers to be able to find the best value hotel for their needs. 78 % of travellers sort their search results based on price (lowest to highest) with 22% prioritizing ratings and reviews (best to worst).

Duration of Stay
Our survey gives some surprising facts, the longest stay booked was for 89 nights, the price range was between $3 for the cheapest room to $2846 for the most expensive hotels.
Finally, the most remote hotel in Nigeria is the Obudu Castle Ranch in the Sankwala Mountain in Calabar, reached after more than 5 hours driving, or even 10 hours if the weather is really bad.

This survey is based on several thousands of Nigerian travellers who booked hotels through jovago.com in December 2014

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