#BlogTour: Abuja Top Blogger, Jenny Chisom hosted on Blogducate

Yes! I finally started off my #BlogTour for the year. It is my first really but I have been planning it for a while now. I am grateful to God that I kicked off.

I announced first on my Facebook Page, then on Bloggers Lab on Facebook as well as Bloggers Connect but hurray, I got more responses from the first two.

I intend to start off as an interviewee on those blogs and then I gradually unveil my next plan which of course are geared towards helping more people. HERE is the first blog that hosted me, and I have since shared on facebook, twitter and on Blackberry Messenger. Blogducate is a site dedicated to helping being earn money online and offline, they reveal the secret of how professional bloggers make a living off their blogs. I know you can already see why I am so excited to share and collaborate with them.

I sure tried to answer my questions very well and not disappoint you, now here are excerpts: 

Wow, this is really inspiring. Okay, based on your experience and testing over the years, what would be your definition of a blog or blogging?

Chisom:  Hmmnn, blogging now means a lot of things to me. I would say that for me it is an ICT powered media platform that one can utilise like he/she would, if given a TV or Radio airtime and even more. But for me, a blog is richer because content can be created using video, audio, pictures, infographics as well as text and being on the internet, it is a great marketing tool for anyone whose reach and focus is the whole world.

Chisom, I know so many newbies are really following and reading us on this interview, please would you tell us the benefits of blogging.

Chisom: Yeah, for you a newbie, blogging would help you and whatever cause or industry you represent to gain visibility. With my blog I got businesses from clients in UK and even had a staff who was American at a time that tells you that you can gain world recognition writing on an area of interest. Blogging makes you an authority in your chosen field and you can tour the world just off your keypads. Blogging improves your writing skills and can be a developmental tool, you can use it as a PR tool to undertake community projects amongst others.

Just read the rest when you click here jare. 

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