Linda Ikeji Breaks The Internet: Blog now worth N1.1 Billion

Linda Ikeji just drew my attention to this story and I thought to post here to encourage you, you, and yes you to keep working hard at what you do. 

According to iCampus, She’s nothing like one of those popular Biblical characters; not even a man to start with but scattered like pieces of jigsaw puzzles all around the life of this former Nigerian model turned Blogger, are empirical evidences that draw the mind into the story of the man called David – Once looked down upon, not given much of a chance, picked on by the darkest force imaginable by mankind and just like this man, Linda Ikeji could see everything she had worked for in her life slipping through her fingers and at the point where the final ray of light was about to fade into oblivion, she bounced back, created a blog, posted a story, two, three, four… expanded her frontiers and today, we can officially tell you that Linda Ikeji has broken the internet by officially becoming Nigeria’s number one news/gossip content website after overtaking the almighty ‘Nairaland;’ a website that had remained Nigeria’s number one website for a stretch of years.

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