The Wedding Ringer Business Idea

...and I finally convinced my colleagues at work for us to go see a movie last Friday, and we selected The Wedding ringer anonymously. We headed to Silverbird galleria, Abuja and beating the traffic, we sat down, popcorn and drink in hands to watch this movie of laughter.

First, I was surprised and happy at the thought of choosing Kevin hart and his business being other men's Best man at their weddings. wow! Who does that in Nigeria? Absolutely No one, I can authoritatively say!

But it gave me a new lease of business ideas that is keyed to the fact that entrepreneurs think up a solution for a problem or challenge more so, a need.

Beyond the fact that the movie is hilarious non-stop, I was impressed with the level of getting-to-know your client, the character of Kevin hart (Jimmy) had to do to ensure he and his business-groom were in sync as friends should be, wow!

I give it up to the producers, cast and crew of The Wedding Ringer! It's Indeed my movie of the week! No wonder, Nigerian rapper, MI also watched it with some of his fans!

In summary what I can say is, Dear entrepreneur or Job seeker, LOOOK around you, THINK and ACT and get the CASH. Nigeria has looots of needs that if you meet, you would be smiling to the bank in no time! I mean ideas that will pay you way faster than the blogging that I love.

I should attempt to list a few such business ideas soon.
For now, go watch the movie The Wedding Ringer and tell me what else strikes you. 

PS: By the way, one of the sound tracks from that movie haven't left me ...hahahahaaha ..."Put the weed in...and light da shit up" lolz

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