8 Ways to Start Any Business and Make Profit 2.0

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We started off saying that there are 8 ways of being part of any industry. We continue from the 4th to the final way.

4. Offer advices on it – Be a consultant by working with clients one-on-one in a customised fashion. Eg You can be a fashion stylist or fashion consultant for individuals or organisations. A garden lover can do gardening expertise for home modelling, wedding halls, private estates etc 

5. Invest in it- To invest as a fashion lover, you can fund a budding fashion line for example and make profit. You can rent your space for fashion shows, exhibitions etc. A garden lover may give out his land and get profit on produce sold.

6. Make Technology for it:  Think of something that will improve your industry that way you cleverly find your niche. Is there a machinery or app that you can create that will make life easier for fashion or gardening industry? A database to help track plants, gardeners, fashion houses, apps to help people plan their daily outfit, design their dream garden etc

7. Build a community/event around it- Think of ways to rally people around your passion. Host a fashion show and invite budding student-fashionistas to showcase their talents.
-  A gardener can teach workshops on flower arrangements, develop communities by beautifying impoverished communities etc

8. Maintain It: Offer a service that can maintain your interest. Eg a fashion lover can start a laundry service to care for clothing and accessories or start a tailor/alteration shop. The garden lover can create a new formula for plant food, or create a service caring for plants and keeping insects/rodents off it or cater for plants while their owners are away on vacation etc.

Which part of these 8 ways are you doing business in? Or planning to start making profit from? Share with us.