How To Make Money and Have a Great Family Life

I was privileged to have a ride with some Nigerians in Lagos yesterday and the richest man in the mix talked so highly of a certain friend of his, financially and career-wise. The shocker came when he exclaimed that the man (his friend) was however neither a family man nor a great dad. This, he pointed was his opinion being that even though his friend was successfully making money he had his children growing up without him in an American state with his wife taking care of them. This for him was failure as a father!

This got me thinking being that this has become a practice even with newly weds and especially the middle and upper class in Nigeria. They sacrifice family bonding to this career and money-making venture we encourage on this blog.

When I got this event notice, I promptly decided to share so you may find an answer to work-life balance. This Family Life conference will stream live online on Thursday 5.30pm and Sunday 7.30am (Nigerian time) on If you are in Abuja, Nigeria, then you can attend offline at Citadel and Towers, City gate Abuja.

Speakers are Jemimah Mbaya (Nigeria), Sam Oye (Nigeria) and Ricardo Miller (USA).

Do you think this will help us become smart business men with fulfilled and healthy family lives? Would you join in? Do let me know in the Comments!