JCBusiness: How Talents Make Money

I was speaking to a radio presenter yesterday, when I discovered that for 6 years now, I have been blogging more because it helps me amplify my innermost longings. My innermost longings are sharing information, telling stories and trying out business ideas.
Those I can say are some of my talents. I read that talents are natural endowments, from God to everyone intended to be used on behalf of others and not for selfish purposes, it can grow in effectiveness with use and so is intended to bring profit. 

When I read about the 'profit' part, I was excited because I realised that is the reason why I know for sure that you can make a living off your talents.

Talents are given to everyone regardless of his belief in God and is not the same thing as Spiritual gifts.

Talents are natural gifts, which come as a result of a combination of:
- Genetics eg Love for Music, Maths etc
- Surrounding eg Like growing up in a musical family or
- God’s special endowment eg Bazeleel from Exodus 31;1-6

I can live by telling and writing stories, what about you? 
You can write in to share what your talent is while we journey towards making money from it.

If you are already making a living by your talents, do share with me /us too. Email