Becoming A CEO: How To Start A Blogging Business PT 1

A ghanian friend of mine asked me this morning, "Jenny I just checked your blog,  can you give me basics about blogging? How to start? "

My answer inspired this post and I hope you enjoy it, if it has been on your bucket list too. I tagged it Part 1 because I hope to share a lot more on how to monetize your blog. This also introduces my 'How to Start series' on different businesses, since you need to start a business idea to become a CEO. So now to my answer. Enjoy.

1. You must first decide what you want to blog about. (Education scholarships, Food reviews, Car sales etc, not a wide niche).

2. Get a name for it. (Think of your name or preferably 2 syllabic brand name that makes it easy to remember)

3. Be ready to write and post original content everyday.

4. Don't think you will make money maybe till you have been consistently growing a reading community for at least 18 months.

5. It's better to have your content ready and have topics ready with schedule of when to post them. (An editorial calendar).

6. It is better to also use videos apart from texts as blog posts sometimes.

7. Think of the kind of blog platform you will prefer...
(hosted free one like, or where you can buy your own host plan, templates and domain like Wordpress)

8. If you decide to use by Google, use your gmail account, (even though I recommend having a uniform email with blog name).

9. Visit to start designing your blog.

10. You may have to search "how to design my blog on blogger" on Google.

11. Then follow the guidelines.
When you are done designing, you will need to buy a domain name to redirect your to.

Best wishes!

PS: I have a free ebook for interested bloggers to be.