CEOs Ask: How Do I convince People about my business?

On our first CEOs Ask session today, we will try to answer questions posed to us on this blog and have you contribute to the answer I have given. This is to foster a culture of learning amongs us here. We shall keep the identity of senders confidential too. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Question of the Day:
I'm a young entrepreneur and I run a culinary organization where various culinary services are carried out basically to ease every kind of stress that comes with eating a good meal. We have been operating for about 2 months now and I'm proud to say we have about 3 staff in our team already. One of my major challenge is conviction, in the sense that trying to convince people of what i do has been really challenging and coupled with the fact that with a business like mine, referrals always have the upper hand in terms of reaching more people. Please how I go about this. Thanks

My Answer:

Thank you for writing in. Welldone on your unique business venture. 
Getting people to be convinced about what you do, will come when they have experienced your meals and services. So I would advice you go ahead give them a free service to enjoy, get feedback from them, then use as testimonials.

If yours services are good, encourage them to tell others by recommending to you so you reach out in their place or they do so at their own pace.

I hope this helps?

Now, please go ahead and advice this writer on what to do to convince people. Thanks