Meet Michael Anyangbeso, Co-Founder Initial Contact Company: The Art of Speaking Right is their Forte

JCB: What is your name and the name of your company?
My name is Michael Anyangbeso. Everyone calls me Mikky. I am from Edo state and a graduate of Philosophy. I am a broadcaster, writer and trainer. My passion for the media and speaking right led me to establish a consulting firm with five of my friends called Initial Contact. It is a unique company that is in business to help create value. We do Content Production (Radio and TV), we train on proper speech- Pronunciation, Enunciation, Diction and more, it also includes Brand Representation, Phone and Office Etiquette and general Entertainment Services.

JCB: How old are you now?
I am 30 (Thirty) years old.

JCB: When did you start your business and what was your start-off capital?
We started Initial Contact February 2015 with just twenty thousand naira.

JCB: What inspired your business idea?
Yah, I’d quickly say the high level of people that cannot express themselves due to the fact that they cannot speak properly. It’s mostly not their fault but environmental influences play a major role in that. Even most of our broadcasters can’t speak right. If you’re in the business you’ll know

(JCB cuts in…even listeners notice that easily.)

Yea, so that is a problem and Initial Contact wants to help in solving that problem. A friend of mine went for an interview as a Customer Rep in one of the leading online Malls. He said more than 80 percent (including him) didn’t make it past the first stage, which was a simple pronunciation test. I was touched. Speaking properly is a skill that everyone needs to learn.

JCB: Wow agreed! So what are you working on presently?
We are currently working on a partnership with a Not for Profit Organization to train undergraduates in different Universities; both public and private in Nigeria.

JCB: What is your organizational structure?
Hmmm, we are in the speaking industry and also the media. Ours is a brand that thrives on the strength of individual relationships. We operate in a well-structured and organized system. Our vision is to empower individuals with the right tools for greatness through proper communication in today’s global village.

JCB: What is your biggest achievement since take-off?
For us at Initial Contact, we treat every project achievement as our biggest.

JCB: Do you give back to society in anyway, even though your business is less than a year?
Yes we do engage in CSR. We give free trainings, as a matter of fact, in 2015 IC trained job seekers and students alike who participated at the JOB FAIR organized my Lighthouse Chapel in collaboration with Microsoft and other big brands for free.

JCB: Wow, inspiring! Have there been challenges so far? If yes, how do you deal with it?
We have seen people who after undergoing our trainings for proper speech, gradually sink back into their old way of talking. This is due to lack of continuous practice. We tell our trainees, the key to proper speech is continued practice. That has been our challenge, but we’re working on it.
JCB: How do you deal with time of uncertainty or low patronage?
As a team of unique individuals, we always come up with strategies that keep us going.

JCB: What are your other interests apart from running Initial Contact?
Well, I love writing, I’m also a voice over artiste, a radio junkie and I love producing.

JCB: Where do you see your company in 5 years?
Initial Contact will be one of the major speech training companies with an institution for full time training and also content production.

JCB: What do you love about doing business in Nigeria?
(laughs)…I love the way people mix business with pleasure. It’s quite fun. It’s basically the relationships that we build that counts.

JCB: What don’t you like about doing business in Nigeria?
So many things, but I’ll stick to the number one on my list, which is lack of electricity.

JCB: What is your advice for budding CEOs?
Whatever you’re doing, be passionate about it. Pursue Excellence and Success will follow you.

JCB: Who inspires your work?
I draw inspiration from God and I like Richard Branson.

JCB: How do you relax after working long hours and hard too?
You can say that again (laughs). I love seeing movies and hanging out with friends.

JCB: Thank you Michael.
You can reach Mikky on:
Phone Number: 08186146356, 08022794218