Mike Omotosho, Rotary Club Governor and CEO Extraordinaire Receives The Bloggers Party Plaque As Proud Sponsor

Hello Boss,

This was how we said "Thank you" to one of our Bloggers Party Sponsors Dr. Mike Omotosho and indeed all of our sponsors Soulmedia Communications, Buski Liberating, Dream Weavers Events too.

Dr. Mike is the Founder of Mike Omotosho Foundation, CEO of Sustainable Health Initiative and also the Governor of Rotary Club! He is an unapologetic Philanthropist, patriotic Nigerian, Mentor and Author of the books "Altruism" and "Foresight"!

In these picture is yours truly presenting the enviable "Bloggers Party Sponsors Plaque" to him at his private office in Abuja.

Remember, the Bloggers Party 2015 held on Dec 16 at Sandralia Hotel in Abuja, and is one of the brand initiatives of this blog.

Some Nigerian CEOs do exceptional things and this man is one of such. I'd bring more about him on this blog soon. Happy Weekend everyone!