Making Money Vs Valuing People -Ibe

As far as I am concerned, relationships are more valuable than money.
This is a hard truth I have come to realize.

People who run after money in ways unimaginable, without having a little bit of thought about how the next man feels will one day discover that he or she is alone.

Make sure people are excited to work with you, in spite of how much or less they pay you. This is because you won't remain at a level for ever. You will have to go further in life, and these people may be a stepping stone for you.

The more money you acquire-the more quality relationships you should keep. I use the word "Quality" because some relationships are one big torment.

Great relationships can help extend the stay of money in your pocket.

Onyebuchi D. Ibe, Theatre Artist, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Media geek.