Samsung Reinvented 13 Good Times - Ogbogu

Do you how many times Samsung had to reinvent itself before they were able to get on top and beat Apple to their game?

13 times!

Do you also know that the almighty Samsung, makers of the crazy variety of Galaxy phones and electronics we use and that most people today consider as holy grail, falling over each other, deriving their self-worth from, and doing all sorts of stupid things just to own, started out in 1938 as a small, unknown grocery store?

In business, this is it: never get stuck!
Reinvent constantly.
I mean, constantly.
That's the game every true entrepreneur plays.
Entrepreneurs don't stand still; they don't hold on to things permanently as if these things are their sacred inheritances, or as if they have been nailed to them forever.
In business, everything is in motion - including that beautiful vision that keeps you burning and awake many nights in a roll. Forget those pundits like us who, sounding rather simplistic, tell you that vision is a mental picture of your future.
Actually, it's much more than just a picture. So much so that it takes up the very character of a motion picture.
Please note the word 'motion'.
Meaning it moves; it breaths, it evolves; and it calls for endless reinvention.
But then, now listen closely, the rudder and applicability of all of this rests heavily on you the entrepreneur and the ideological framework that you adopt as you run your business on a diurnal basis.
Therefore, always remember this.
Nothing is still.
Everything is constantly moving. Even the planet Earth that you and I reside in today isn't seating still up there in the cosmo. With elementary geopgrahy, you and I know that the earth rotates constantly around its own axis.
So think through your business and entrepreneurial philosophy just for awhile. I am very sure there are areas calling for reinvention. If there are none, which is very much unlikely, then you really, really need to relook and reinvent the kind of voices you currently listen to.

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