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CEOs/Founders with Disabilities Make an Inclusive Society But Work Harder To Be Accepted, Why?

I know that title caught your attention!

I know CEOs like Cally Cussons in Owerri, who is running a great consulting business even though he uses clutches. He is a star amongst a few others!

So, let's Speak Up and Respect the Human rights of People/ Children with Disabilities.

I am covering the Media Launch of the Inclusive Basic Education Project for Children with Disabilities by #JONAPWD sponsored by #USAid this morning.

And it hit me that;
Out of 10.5 Million out of school children in Nigeria over 3 million of them are children with disabilities. We need to give them access to participate and get education.

Beyond that, when they get to the Job market, we need to also reconsider our stance and give them a fair chance. That's one way we can have an inclusion and harnessed equal rights with a diversified business boost.

So boss, do you discriminate against people with disability in employment choices even when they meet the criteria?

Let discuss about it here if you don't mind. What are the challenges and what do we resolve to do to stop this discrimination?

We celebrate the very handsome Cally Cussons as a Star CEO today

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