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When you mention classifieds, we say Jiji. And that is quite logical, for Jiji is the biggest and truly the greatest classifieds website in Nigeria. Thanks to this website, people get an opportunity to start shopping from wherever they want. A laptop or a Smartphone and the Internet connection is all you need. 

Functioning to exactly the same principles and rules as a good old traditional market, Jiji managed to use all benefits provided by the web domain to full extent. People still “come” here in order to buy and sell things. And though they communicate via phone or email, it is still the direct communication, allowing to wander among the long rows of goods and bargaining for lower prices. 
The main task of this service is to provide people with an opportunity to sell and buy various items. Jiji is not a web store and it doesn’t sell everything. It is a platform for interaction between users. It creates all necessary conditions for proper shopping. For example, all users pass verification for getting an opportunity to communicate with other people directly. As a result, we get the absence of shopping assistants and the lowest prices. 
User-friendly interface will take you to the page with about ten categories, each divided into subsections. Let’s take a look, for instance, on audio and music equipment. By following this link, userŅ– finds themselves on an interesting page with a long list of offers. Sometimes choosing something may be difficult because of this diversity, but numerous tags and filters will make it easier. Click on some and get only what you need. Then choose an item and contact a seller.
That is probably all you need to know. The rest is evidenced by numbers. 10 million visits every month. Over 530,000 ads waiting for buyers. You can be the next to join us.

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