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Write Killer Copies for your brand with Jenny Chisom: No Hype! Read One of My Brief profiles for an ICT event

WoohOo!!! I just love copywriting!
I will be speaking at a Girls ICT event soon! And while I composed my profile, this is what I crafted in less than 2 minutes! I'm so excited!

I just thought I can help 5 of my friends here to craft a winning profile for their next gig too! I must say that I don't write Hype driven copies, I'd use your own real story and achievement to make it happen! I got the magic; glory to God!

Okay, if you find mine (below) great fo event that celebrate Girls in ICT, drop a comment asking for yours.
The first 5 CEOs to reach me here or via email will get theirs written for FREE. #ThisGirlIsOnFire

Enjoy reading mine:
Jenny Chisom Opara is a Nigerian Blogger and content manager popularly referenced as an ethical blogging advocate.
She is the CEO of Logos Audibles Enterprises and a great personality with a background in English language, Literature in English and a certificate on entrepreneurship management. She is an alumnae of Imo State University and the Pan Atlantic University both in Nigeria.

Chisom started blogging when she founded her Content development and publishing company in 2009, and started marketing her services via her blog.

She is one Nigerian blogger who saw the power of blogging in business in 2009 and started training upcoming bloggers on "Starting right" through her LOGiN Blogging Enterprise Programme, and this programme started catering for groomed bloggers and naturally formed an alumni network with her partners known as LOGiN Bloggers Network in 2013.
She is passionate about the bloggers-community in Nigeria and have initiated big brands like the Social Media Job Fair, Social Media MeetUps, Blog Smart Hang outs and the famous annual Bloggers Party that holds in Abuja through her LOGiN Bloggers Network.
She has been able to leverage her blog influence to advance her cause while finding her voice in helping others especially using ICT to make her story telling strategy more rewarding. She combines her knack for writing content for business documents, developing books for publishing, to blogging and coaching on blogging from Abuja Nigeria where she currently resides.
Blogging has earned her money, awards, lots of associates and clients while giving her access to TV, Radio and Summits like this one. She acknowledges that she may not have worth much without the power of the internet brought about majorly by Google, social media and digital networking as well as technology!
She looks forward to landing her first ambassadorial contract as the Face of a Technology brand in line with her career soon.

*Photo by me (Without Make up) Lolz

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