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CEO: Akamu is Such a Big Deal - Ijeoma Ndukwe-Egwuronu of Bubez Food Proves

I woke up today and thought of this great brand, the Bubez Foods and their CEO, so i quickly used this picture of her from instagram and people have been inspired. She boldly wrote on it "I sell pap for a living, what's your excuse?', one of our followers have particularly connected with the CEO since she saw her picture on my timeline.


She dared to be different and made a brand out of a food we see as more low class than a thriving business. 

Her name is Ijeoma Ndukwu Egwuronu and she used to own a boutique in Abuja before she quit and started making pap few years ago.

I came in contact with her brand during a fitness walk with Kate Henshaw in Abuja where the pap were given to us for free. It is always a delight tasting pap in different flavours and nutrient compositions. 

She will be live in an interview on this blog soon. Watch out!

Go ahead and celebrate her.

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udblacky said...

That's the spirit you need to have to become successful in any business you choose to do in life#nevermindwhatpplesayorthink#

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