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Global Rights Response To Sexual Violence

Have You Heard of #MyStory ? Global Rights Response To Sexual Violence?

Global Rights Nigeria is an Abuja based human rights organisation.  Global Rights, has launched a radio drama series, ‘My Story’, to raise further awareness on the growing menace of sexual violence in the country.

At a parley with journalists and social media Influencers such as,,, Ofi of NigeriaInfoFM, AmplifiedRadio etc, Country Director, Abiodun Baiyewu-Teru, detailed the incidences of unreported cases of sexual violence. She hoped that the radio drama series would contribute in giving help to victims. 

The Programme Officer, Tsema Yvonne Okoye, noted that the 13 part series also hopes to provide platform for discussion and engagement with relevant stakeholders. Different aspects of sexual violence are addressed by the radio drama series.

You can listen to this 13 episode true life drama series at:
-NigeriaInfo FM 95.1 Thursdays 9:30am
-Amplified Radio
And recorded version at

It is time to join our voices & condemn Sexual violence.

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