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Roni Alao Leads MRL Public Sector Consultant Ltd for The Project, Transformation of Education In Niger State (TENs)

Dr Roni Alao
  Dr. Roni Alao is the Executive Director, co-founder of MRL Public Sector Consultant Limited and I discovered here as I read this release on Landabuzz. It had this to unveil in connection to this woman's organisation in partnership with others towards solving educational challenges in Niger State, Nigeria. The press release read in part that:
After months of research, site visits, discussions with teachers and other stakeholders to highlight the problems of the educational system at the primary and secondary school level; the Transformation of Education in Niger state (TENS) programme would proceed to its next point of action.
“One of the key things to Understanding problems is to Understand it from the Users of the system and those who work within the system; so the idea of the stakeholders programme is to have one hundred participants from the different sectors of the educational system In Niger state so as to really understand the issues they are facing within the system”, Dr Roni Ajao, Executive Director MRL Public Sector Consultant said.

The programme is anticipated to be a major change event as faculty professors from the Institute of Education and Judge Business School, Cambridge University would be present to help guide and offer possible change solutions through a five day training and interactive session.
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