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Bugged for Life by Technology

View from 6th floor Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac Lagos
Who send Facebook to start this 'See who's nearby' added to our 'locators' sef?

While in Festac Lagos, 2 days ago...some guy chatted me 'Hello Jenny, where in Lagos are you?'
Since I don't know him and I'm used to Lagos residents always assuming that every other Nigerian (especially if you are a fine girl and write sense on Facebook) lives in Lagos, I quickly typed
"I live in Abuja"
Then he goes "My radar indicates that you are in Lagos"...I bursted into Laughter in my aloneness...and thought "Technology has turned us to Secret service officers without pay. Mtschewww
Meanwhile some men and women who cheat on their spouses and some dubious business dealers maybe overlooking these features and keep on  'lying up and down'...destroying themselves by themselves. Lol

God is watching
... and now technology has borrowed some God-attitude and has also started watching too. 

You have been bugged for life! Get it! 

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