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CEO, Simplified Corporate Logistics, Nduka Udeh Makes Import and Export Easier

Hello Boss,
How has your day been? Today, I saw that Nigeria Today published about a company called "Simplified Corporate Logistics" (my first time hearing about them) and how they are making import and export very easy. 

You can agree that import and export is a very interesting sector and so I thought to bring you the news in case it will help your business or encourage your new import/export business. The CEO championing this service Mr. Nduka Udeh.

Read the news when you continue here: 

Thousands of Nigerian business faces difficulties making orders and receiving ordered goods from global suppliers.

Either they are battling with substandard suppliers, high shipping cost from unreliable shipping companies, or they are struggling with unscrupulous agents who in most cases cause demurrage and other port charges to accumulate.
With the world going digital, it’s about time Nigerian business experience a one click solution to these problems, where from the comfort of their office, they can use a simple solution to process shipment from their suppliers globally, procure items globally, process their customs documentation, manage their warehouse inventory as well as process shipments for exports.

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