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Omoniyi Akomolafe, CEO Nibbor productions and His Gospel Music Ideals

I caught up with Mr. Niyi (as I call him), the CEO of Nibbor production and a recording gospel artist. Here is an Interview with him:

JCB: What is your name please?

Niyi: My name is Omoniyi Joseph Akomolafe a.k.a El-gibbor

JCB: Who are you called to reach in Life?
Niyi: I believe everyone that's ready to change their mindset for good, people that are not satisfied with where they in their careers and lives , that want more out of life.    

JCB: When did you start your music career?

Niyi: I have been doing music since 1992 as a teenager and professionally 1997. I started speaking publicly in the year 2000.

JCB: What has been your major lesson learnt as an entrepreneur?
Niyi: I would say one major thing I have learned in my journey as a preacher, singer, producer, writer, cinematographer and an entrepreneur is, "never give up". If you run with this, there will always be a way.
Doing music in Nigeria takes a lot of courage and determination, we are not that organised, we don't have enough platforms, especially the gospel genre that I do. You must create opportunities for yourself and try to help others too.

JCB: What are you currently working on?
Niyi: Okay, I am officially releasing my new album in Nigeria on the 4th  September. I had the album release and tour in the UK some months ago and I am going to be live in concert in an evening with few people. It's not going to be a crowded event.

JCB: Awesome: Who and who amongst your friends will be joining you in concert? 

Niyi: As I said earlier , I am having a few of friends together to share my new works with them. Among them will be Chris Morgan, Faith Yebo, Apostle Chinedum Ejiofor, Ekundayo Dbass, Eteye, PV Idumudia, Busayo, Opera David l, Matt Abutu, and my other friends from the industry and ministry.

JCB: How do you relax?
Niyi:  All work and no play makes J. a doll boy... relaxation.. even as Christians it is good to come out and relax once in a while. I am married and I love hanging around my loved ones even with my tight schedules. 

JCB: What is your staying power and the motivation for gospel music? 
Niyi: Aside all of these, what really makes me tick is my belief in God, His plans and thoughts for me are great, so, no matter what I go through I hold on to Him.

JCB: Quite inspiring, I must say. How can we keep in touch with you and your events? 
Niyi: We can connect through my Faceook page: El-gibbor Niyi or Twitter : elgibborniyi

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