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Are Men Endangered Species?

Happy Sunday boss,
I had such a great supernatural time at Church today. Pastor Paul Adefarasin preached on the FULL DISCLOSURE of believers' power and authority through grace from Jesus Christ.
Coming out and still basking in that moment, I heard about a statement made by the former Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, that "Nigerian men are fast becoming endangered species‎ as women have taken a stand to overtake in all sectors".

I laughed because I totally understand his stand point. He even went further to appeal for men to "stand up and raise foundations that will speak and defend men", and he also called for total support for women.

This is very imperative for a good foundation for women and children to thrive. If men are not groomed, catered for, and empowered women will be further in trouble and we would raise dysfunctional adults in children. This is always my position.
Meanwhile, Abdulsalam made the statement on Saturday at the RAISE Foundation fund raising launch and unveiling of the Cancer screening centre in Minna, Niger State. He also mentioned the need to get foundations that will cater for the old.
Check out where I read the full gist at Today.Ng and let me know what you think about his fears.

*Toast to you*

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