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How To Transit From Paid Employment to Starting a Succesful Business with Charles Efe

I spent about a decade working in banks and left as a unit head in the International banking division for early retirement and transition to spend time with my own business, i must say that I had a peaceful transition. Months after I left I have never regretted or felt like going back one second. Do you know why? The reason was because i planned the exit from the first day I entered and executed as planned. I had a game plan and it worked if not completely but was adequate.

Many workers get stranded when they are let go of their job or when they retire because they have spent time behind the desk attending to client or just understood a segment of a client's business. So when they retire with huge savings they end up losing the capital to wrong investments or decisions and  fraudsters.

This is why I have dedicated my life to helping people that desire to transit from paid employment to their own business, aid early retirement and support you with tools and techniques that will help you find your purpose on earth. Hence i am running a startup boot camp for both intrapreneurs (who are currently working but desire to turn their passion to profit) and entrepreneurs (who are having problem defining their market space) for 4 days.

We will cover the following subjects:

1. Your roadmap to business success.
2. Designing your business model.
3. Crafting a compelling value proposition.
4. Go To Market strategy.
5. Product development – Turning products to profit.
6. Financing strategies.
7. Pitching to investors.
8. Building Business culture, mission and vision and value.

Each module will have a practical side where participants will discuss their tactics and strategy for their business idea.

The following are the group work for each of the days:
1. Designing and defense of your business model.
2. Pitching to investors – Sell me your idea.
3. Defense of Go to Market strategy –Do you have a market?
4. Crafting of value proposition – Why should people buy from you.

Please note that this event is for people that already have a business running or have a passion to start their business very soon in any industry or sector.

There are only 12 spaces, If you are interested please send interested to or

Charles Efe

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