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SEX: How Women Can Use Sex To Help Men Become More Spiritual

Hello Boss,

Did you miss me for 24 hours at least? I did miss you ooo.

Well while  I was away, I got many more gists for you and top on the list is one that you will likely keep you thinking and you may relate to, easily. 

My question is "Do you ever feel closer to God during or after having sex?", that is for sexually active men here.
I am asking because I need to learn and women like me also need this juicy information. 

Reason is that according to what Daily Mail is reporting here, "researchers claim having sex inspires spirituality and even belief in God. 
According to the research, sex releases a ‘love hormone’ oxytocin not only promotes social bonding, altruism but also divinity – especially in men. Researchers at Duke University, in North Carolina, say that sex could inspire a belief – or an increased belief – in God and religion.The study published this week look at oxytocin a hormone which is often stimulated during sex, childbirth, and breastfeeding".

This is so interesting because Author, Patty Van Cappellen, of Duke Today also confirms it. Oya na, read the rest of the research here but gist us about the effect of this sex chemical and if you feel it inspires any form of spirituality in you.

So many other naughty thoughts are in my head though, such as "could it be the reason that more men are more adventurous with sex....could it really be about God?

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