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Is Men Empowerment A Taboo in Nigeria?

Female speaker: 
Men didn't get a fair chance at being groomed, loved, taught about life and family life. Then they are suddenly  expected to perform miracles in adulthood! No way! 

Even the bible rightly said a woman' is 'the helper' but we leave both the help and leadership to men after not grooming them from the home front?

Men must lead and provide and protect a powerful gender - the woman, who carries with her all that he needs to multiply. But when he doesn't even have the basic leadership training to be a human being first before being male, what happens?

Male Speaker:

True! You babes are actually helpers according to the Bible, but Nigerian culture puts all the help on men. I have never seen a woman interested in empowering men or considering they are even humans. Na so so women empowerment, we nko?

What do you think about this conversation? Is it feminist? 

Someone asked me if I am feminist and I was at a loss because, I have never understood the concept. I am of course the "female speaker" in the conversation and hoping to hear your views. I am learning.

*Toast to you*

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