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Single Ladies in Abuja listen Up

Hey Single ladies,
(I just got off the phone with a big sister and then had to write this...because a babe needs it and a heartless erring guy needs it to stay alive longer)

The next time you meet a seemingly hot, single, desirable and seemingly available guy and during discussions, he wants to know which specific part of town (especially in Abuja) you live,

wants to know what you do to earn a living and what you earn and then asks to visit you at home ...and especially if he is always forming "spiritual", "speaking in false tongues" and prophesying sef....but you see he is not living what he professes...RUN! RUN!

(Apology to sincere believers, not the so called Christians)

A real man's first inclination is how to make you happy, put a smile on your face, protect you and show you off...not to 'take' from you in any form (little or big). That's the kind of man, that will make you think of appreciating him as a surprise, because he will not want you to, normally.
This does not mean that the real guy in question must be rich and comfortable but he will share whatever little he has with you,almost always. That's how a "keeper" behaves.

If you are a guy, and think you can take advantage of single ladies, think again. Your end is near! You are warned! You'd remember you read this today!

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