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VenussBay Unveils #KreativeNaija Project Website

Happy Saturday boss,

Venussbay has announced the revamping of its website, an online platform for promoting events, products and services related to the Nigerian cultural and creative industries.  The website is designed to be user friendly and easy for subscribers to upload their works. 

Guess what?
It's FREE and they hype it for you with added new features for an amazing user experience.

Venussbay seeks to add value to the work of artisans and craft workers by providing the platform that enables them to directly upload, showcase, buy or sell products in the field of culture: arts, music, dance, drama, crafts, fairs, photography, books, foods, festivals, sites and monuments, fashion/graphic/interior designs, architecture, games, audio visuals etc.
Venussbay is endorsed by the Association of Nigerian Authors, Legendary Gold limited (a vanguard in the Nigerian fashion and modelling industries and organisers of Africa Fashion Reception, The Nigeria Fashion Show, The Nigeria Fashion Week, The Nigeria Fashion Awards and The Nigeria Model Awards), as well as Thought Pyramid Art Centre.

 I love the work that they do, don't you?

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