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Why Nigerian Parents Prefer UK's Abbey DLD Colleges: Things I Learnt Today

I attended a media briefing where I learnt about the great work that Abby DLD group of Colleges UK has been doing in providing quality pre-university education since 1931.

Going by the fact that most of our teens finish from secondary school as early as 14 years or before 18 years in Nigeria, Abbey DLD Colleges provide A level education and foundation courses to enable students seeking to attend UK universities to learn educationally and socio-culturally how to adapt to studying in UK.

With 4 campuses in the UK to 3 recently located at Manchester, Cambridge and London, these campuses boast of having many Npgerians pass through in excellent grades and landing UK University offers.

At the event today, where I attended along side prominent print and online media companies, the Student Admissions Manager of UK's Abbey Group of Colleges, Mr. Muazu Jalaluddeen explained that the quality of education and welfare of the students is priority at the Abbey DLD Colleges. He revealed that their class sizes are no more than 8 students per class with a robust welfare system.

It's heart warming to know that the Oxford, Cambridge, University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London, that regularly feature in the world’s top ten and employers around the world are schools that Abbey DLD College graduates get as first choice offers. 

Jalaluddeen disclosed that there are still many wealthy Nigerian parents who are prepared to pay for high quality education for their children.

When asked about the rise in costs due to the fall in Naira, he said that “While the government’s restrictions have caused the cost of UK education to rise for Nigerian families, there are still many wealthy Nigerians who want the best for their children and are prepared to pay for high quality education.

“We hope that the government will exempt foreign education from currency restrictions in the future. We need to ensure that Nigerian families are not penalised for wanting the best international education for their children,” said Mr. Jalaluddeen.

One of the biggest legacies parents can leave to their children, he argued, is high quality education such as the one offered by Abbey DLD Group of Colleges, a set of pre-university schools that prepare students for admissions in some of UK’s most prestigious universities.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

The Abbey DLD College Group comprises three first-class independent colleges throughout the UK and boasts an unrivalled international reputation.

The Group specialises in helping students from across the world achieve the personal, social and academic growth needed for success at the UK’s top universities. 

Providing a secure and caring environment for international students, each of the colleges which are based in London, Manchester, and Cambridge, offer contemporary, state-of-the art, single ensuite rooms with onsite security 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The Group offers Gold Standard educational provisions to enable pupils to achieve their full potential in a challenging and caring environment. Teaching throughout the Group combines the best of traditional and modern methods and provides access to the latest classroom technology.

This year the three colleges combined had an exceptional year for results. The Group achieved a 99% A-Level pass rate with 52% of international students achieving A*-A grades. The group also boasted 394 university acceptances in 2016 and 44% were confirmed at the Russell Group Universities.

For more information on the Abbey DLD Colleges please visit

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