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Job Vacancy To Fix Nigeria

Nigeria First ( is a non-governmental organisation committed to  evolving a sustainable national agenda, a rethink of the systems of the Nigerian nation, and ultimate success of the Nigeria project.

Location: Abuja. 

1. Job Title: Projects Co-ordinator
Job Description: The Programs Co-ordinator is expected to network with socio-political groups, trade unions, student unions, media houses. Maintain relationships with online personalities, celebrities and owners of blogs. Organise, strategies and plan events for the organisation including but not limited to Town Hall meetings, campus campaigns and rallies.
Job Requirements: Ten years relevant Work Experience. A Degree in Communication, Diplomacy, or International Relations will be an advantage
Salary: Adequate

2. Job Title: New-Media Specialists
Job Description: The organisation needs dedicated individuals with vivid understanding of New-Media to dedicatedly manage the online presence of the organisation. These individuals must be able to meet pre-set standards and targets by the organisation whilst at the same time being innovative and evolving.
Job Requirements: Adequate relevant work experience
Salary: Adequate
3. Job Title: Accounting Expert
Job Description: The organisation needs an accountant to manage the books of the organisation. The individual must have firm knowledge of accounting systems with a keen interest in social media.
Job Requirements: Good knowledge of accounting software and applications. At least a degree in Accounting and Finance, a master's degree is not necessary but a plus. Candidates should have at least 5 years' work experience in the relevant field and registered with all relevant professional bodies.
Salary: Adequate
4. Job Title: Office Administrators
Job Description: Office Administrators are expected to handle the day to day running of the organisation. Handle all correspondences, draft official responses to letters, receive guests and conduct the business of the office respectfully.
Job Requirements: Must be proficient in Microsoft office, Speak fluent English, and a high level of communication skills, and professionalism.
Salary: Adequate

Application closes by midnight TODAY Friday 6th January, 2017. If you do not receive a response mail requesting your CV by midnight of Saturday 7th January, 2017 then consider it that your choices did not meet our targets. 
Physical interviews will be conducted on Monday 9th January, 2017. 

How to Apply: 

Please click the link below …

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