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Men Must Succeed and Development Starts There: Jenny Chisom Writes

Finally boss,

This is offically my first 2017 post! Yay

I have accepted that this is a new year and there must be new goals, new plans and new outlook! I've buried my head underneath for days hoping I may not have to write again or at least have a responsibility...

What am I blabbing about sef?

But I know that I am not the only person, that feel a certain pressure to 'perform' or at least talk about what to 'perform about' since it is a new year.


Well, this is me declaring that Men Success will rock here. 

We will get about the business of helping the black man rise from the seeming ashes of self defeat caused by dysfunctional family structures and upbringing and dysfunctional societal expectations on the male gender, most times reinforced by females who in return scream "help" when the male dysfunctional mindset 'bites".

This is not about gender way, but about focusing on helping the boy child and the adult male, provide information that will help his mindset, cushion the effect of societal jibes with "we understand your challenges' and help him see what his responsibility as a human being is first, then give him the chance to find his own unique 'leadership' style.

Here we will also be covering and reporting copiously on developmental strides in sectors, countries and personalities as well and of course Jenny's lifestyle strides (you can't help but read about them).

I believe that if Men are empowered, women and children will not be in 'pain' and they will also soar and society will be balanced. 

We can together change our perspective on issues, embrace harmony among the genders and work, be productive and lead more fulfilled lives.

That's the #JCB call  always...

Now, do you know that this 2017 is the year to cash in on opportunities?

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Buchi Adimorah said...

I stand with JCB on "Empower Men to Empower Women and Youths". What about you friends and fans?

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