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I woke up by 4 a.m. this morning, feeling really uneasy and completely pissed off with Africa and Africans.
Something is not right, my people.

I think there is a very strong argument that says African are lazy and very irresponsible.

This argument, whether we like it or not, is hanging over our heads as a people, and we can't afford to enjoy the luxury of either rationalizing or wishing it away or treating it as unimportant or one of those usual racial biases being thrust down at us by some Western imperialists or foreign media pundits.

I mean, this is real. The facts are there and longstanding. And is not like we are not seeing them, we are. And heck, are they disturbing hard enough!

If in doubt, Google it!

Now just imagine that we have to rely on an American company set up in some garage to tell us facts about ourselves. Most of us Africans don't even know jack about Africa. Just imagine that.
And we say we are not lazy?

Oh yeah, come shoot me!

Why can't we just beat it and get our freaking butts out our couches as Africans and begin to radically change things? (with strong emphasis on the word "radically")

What or who is holding us back for yeeeears?

I mean, how long does it take to even transform a nation? How long does it take to even transform a continent.
A small group of people in Europe conquered and transformed Africa through their "Scramble for Africa" incursion in the 18th century in less than 40 years.

Why then is it taking Africans of over 1.2 billion persons forever to conquer and transform just a single continent?
Nigeria alone is 56 years with over 170 million people.

Just recently, I stumbled across a Facebook post made by Trevor Noah, the widely celebrated South African comedian and the current TV host of "The Daily Show" in America
Let me see if I can quote what he said in that very post.

He said and I quote:
"If Africans can convert the energy they give to SEX to generating electricity, the whole of Africa will not lack electricity...." ~ Trevor Noah
Boy, did Africans on Facebook immediately jump at that post and insult the living monkey out of Trevor!

But wait a second, people!

Could it be that we are angry because he decided to show us our very own dirty, stinky undies that we have left unwashed for years and we just didn't like how dirty they looked and smelled?

Could it be that Trevor was only trying to point to us how lazy we are as Africans by our failing or refusing to address simple issues like lighting up our homes and streets and factories?

Could it be that he was trying to tell us that we are some bunch of defocused, irresponsible, and lazy black skin people who just prefer to wail over a pile of garbage at our front yard, looking for who to come fix it for us, instead of us to roll up our sleeves and be willing to get our hands dirty.

I really don't get, folks.

Which is one of the reasons I want to stir and provoke the minds of African entrepreneurs out there because I know for sure they are the ones to 'radically' change things. They are the ones whose shoulders this huge task of transformation has fallen on and they can't afford to fail or be lazing around.

Look, if you are an African entrepreneur, note that this clarion call is beyond you. It is deeper than you think. We have a continent to savage - a continent whose rise to glory can only be made manifest if we refuse to be lazy and be ready to do the hard work involved.
I don't know if you know what we are up against, but trust me, it is brutal; it is urgent.

Therefore, we can't afford to be lazy.
At least, not anymore....

Chinonso Ogbogu
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