It's My Birthday and I am Grateful! - Jenny Chisom

From my desk in Maitama Abuja, Nigeria, I cannot pretend that I would not be working from my computer today but I am grateful for life, for you and for the opportunity to contribute my time on earth to being a solution. 

From my brokenness, lack, confusion and laziness, a beautiful story is emerging daily. I celebrate me.

It's my birthday!!!

So much love already. I love you all.

I had an awesome birthday eve by the way, from my hair done by Next Diva Hair, and my face beat by the amazingly skillful Kelly Edeh, my purse from Purse Haven Ng and my signature smile.

Of course the photos are courtesy of Abuja's most theatrical media boss, Onyebuch Ibeh from the Onyexmedia fame. His touch makes production come alive.

Enjoy more photos....

Outdoor themed pictures by Emroy Studios...