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Blogging for 10 years now, has been one of the turning points of my life. Leaving home at 27, learning blogging at 29 and starting a business was my 'escape' from mundane living.

God in his Mercy, sustained me through the journey of self and building resilience to follow my path in life... I have come of age. Looking back, I see things I wished someone taught me to make my blogging journey easy... From growing my blog, from baby steps to a phenomenal business empire and still working on it...

I know the pains. The travails.  The disappointments. The late nights.  The health challenges.  And the brokeness that comes from trying to figure out how to run a successful online business using a blog platform.
Recent posts

Can I keep a 9-5 Job and Be a Successful Blogger? - My Journey

I remember this day... 4 years ago (Jan 2015), few days after I began working as "Team Lead, Corporate Communications, Brand management and Media Relations" at Guardians of the Nation International. @gotni_ng

The Men Code City Tour with the Boys Lead Foundation and My Passon

My Ilorin face 😁😁

Set for my @themencodemovement city tour session with great men and boys.

The programme is therapy-styled to help men unwind, reflect and recalibrate for the next awesome phase of their lives.

Biographies Are A Joke by Stella Nnodi: Unveiling DGrammarQueen, Her Journey of pain, and Love for People

Just when you meet an elegant lady, with a great business empire and finding out she authored a book then realising that her life is captured in the words "Pain is NOT final"; that is the experience I had speaking with Stella Nnodi. I have known her a couple of years now as a major supporter of this blog and the cause of male empowerment and have stayed in touch with her. I also know her as a fun and knowledge lover as she always shows up for events, workshops and is so relatable with no airs. I love Stella and talking with her and about her book was so satisfying. The title of her book turns me on creatively. Do you know it or read it yet? The book brought my love and relationship fantasies alive...LOL. Her book is titled "Biographies Are a Joke" aka BAAJ, would you have guessed?

Read our chat below....

Meet Lois Auta: The Disabled Amazon and Conscious Politician

In Abuja Nigeria, and like the rest of Nigeria it is just few weeks to the general elections. I caught up with an amazing woman who has been at the forefront of advocacy for disabled Nigerians and this time it was about her foray into politics. Meet her as narrated below:

Abuja Civic Leadership Center @ACLCNigeria To Host 2nd Leadership Development Masterclass

The term leadership is most times confused with authority, power, and influence. At the Abuja Civic Leadership Center, we find it extremely useful to see leadership as a practice, an activity that some people do some of the time.

LightHouse Africa To Host Ebuka Anichebe, Temi Ajibewa and Kenneth Ogbebor at IGNITE Conference Abuja

Join us for IGNITE Conference 2019 with Ebuka Anichebe and Temi Ajibewa and Ogbebor Kenneth on 26th January, in Abuja- Nigeria. Call 08033911067 for more Details.

Ayo Adebayo aka HayWhy De Rhymer: On Spoken Word, Male Advantage and Inspiring Lives + Video

My name is Ayo Adebayo, popularly known as Haywhy De Rhymer. An Outstanding and Eloquent Rhymer/Spokenword Artistes that is celebrated worldwide. I have ministered in several platforms both home and abroad, including the biggest Gospel platform in Africa, The Experience Lagos, three times by God's Grace. 

Why Some Husbands Would Rather Not Work: The Scourge of Female BreadWinnership

World over, more and more husbands are refusing to work hard to earn but prefer to depend solely on their wives and borrow from other people...

Jenny Chisom and Her 2019 Drive

What drives me even as a blogger is how to end or at least reduce the factors that lead to fatherless children, single motherhood, absentee fatherhood especially through supporting men and families consistently.

The family  is my heart!

My Abuja Intimate Vision Board Party

I'm having an intimate vision party in my Abuja neighbourhood on Sunday. Wanna join my gang 😁 send SMS as instructed.

My vision board party is a party I used to do only by myself in the past but making open to friends this year.

From Unknown Security Guard to Sought-after CEO: Fola of PholarStudios, CREPTS Set To Empower Authors

Having to fend for oneself as a young adult and especially working to get an education can be life changing and stressful. Fola Folagbade is one Nigerian man who was resilient to eke out a life in spite of challenges. He shares how he worked as a security guard, earning very meagre income to hopping trucks but today runs two of Africa's most innovative startup companies from Lagos, Nigeria. He more so has a bumper offer for Authors in 2019, so jump right into reading this interview he had with me. This man spells RESPONSIBILITY, but I would await what you think after reading.