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Divorce Not final...#LoveStory1

Oh what a surprise, she gasped as she opened her door to see him standing.
Yea, I know...please can I come in?
How are the children?
They are away in school, I should be gone to pick them up in an hour.
Okay, I timed this well...(he smiled)
She, wearing a rather worried look, that spoke 'so get to your point real fast', 
So why are you visiting? You can't have the children just yet...
I know, I'm not here for them but for you...I needed to tell you something 
I'm all ears (clasping her arms)
They were both seated, facing each other with a gulf between them just as the sitting room made it.
I know it's been 2 whole years we got done with this marriage, and attempting to find happiness independent of each other... I also know we have the right to our happiness and life. I respect your choices while I face mine. However, I came all the way with the 2nd flight from Lagos to tell you that, my independence away from this marriage isn't working, he smiled looking straigh…

How Single Men Can Prepare To Enjoy Marital Sex

Hey King,
Sex is very important in marriage and many married friends of yours won't even tell you how it is also a struggle. Many men cannot satisfy her (quote me), some others do not know what to do between the sheets aside thrusting (closing my eyes) and worse still they think it is a taboo to ask for help. Many do not also know how to help their wives who may be the one with a sexual problem (topic for another day).

How To Know That You Are Only Living To Please a Woman

Hey King,
Don't be caught up in this scam!  You are worth more than just doing all you do to get a pass mark from women. This has led many men to die in deep regret.
See what I mean when you watch.


Kinds of Men Women Consider Unattractive or Weak

Hey King,
I don't like when a man is considered weak or looked down on, (neither a woman), no human being deserves that. However, there are certain traits that make that decision from women unavoidable because it is unattractive to them.
The way a woman is wired, she looks up to her man. A woman will love you and respect you when you are ahead of her in most ways and especially when she sees you as a mentor asides being a lover.

Men And Identity-Crises In Relationship + Get The Cure

Hey King,
There is this syndrome that is fuelled by how men are raised on the average. When you grow to associate your identity with society's acceptable behaviours rather than what you really want, it tells in your relationship and why you may think women are complex.

How To End A Relationship With A Woman Without Hurting Her

Today's blog is sweet too!
You know that feeling and that assurance you have that your present relationship is not worth your further investment. Your reasons whatsoever, but yet weeks and months are running into a year and yet you can't bring yourself to tell her that it is over.

7 Must-Have Qualities Women Want in Their Men

There are no rules! We all are different and have our different vibes. What works for one, may not work for another. That said, there are things that connect to our nature as men and women. 
Things that are based in principles and attraction.